Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kalachuchi Flower

This kind of Kalachuchi flower has a scientific name of "Adenium obesum". It's also known as "Frangipiani" or "Temple Flower". This flower comes in white with yellow center spot color, pinkish color, and reddish color too. Here in the Philippines, this flower is used as fresh floral necklaces, bracelets, & anklets to visitors and tourists in many resorts and beaches.
I took this flower in Camiguin Island while we walked along the street in Mambajao. I found the flower attractive and bloom beautifully there.

Bunch of Kalachuchi Flowers

The Kalachuchi flowers has Scientific name : Plumeria acuminata. These flowers are known as frangifani, Frangipiani, temple flowers or graveyard flowers. They come from a small tree with dark green & oblong shaped leaves. Petals of Kalachuchi flowers are white in color with yellow tint at the center of it. Kalachuchi flowers are fragrant and suppose to be source of perfume. These flowers are favorite decorations on Spa establishments here in Cebu, Philippines.

Accordingly, the latex or juice is good for curing skin diseases, like herpes or athletes foot and other skin diseases. Just put on affected area 3X a day. Decoction of bark is also good for dysentery, diarrhea, gums and toothache. The latex mixed with coconut oil is used for itching while poultice of leaves is beneficial for swellings too.

I took these photos at Tamiya Terminal near MEZ II, Lapu Lapu City. More pictures below for you to see:


  1. Hello from the Philippines! May I comment that the flower in the photo above, while also locally known as a "Kalachuchi," looks like it is "Adenium obesum" and not "Plumeria alba." Thank you for your enthusiasm about my counry's flora!

  2. Hi Meschel,

    I believe this is not a Kalachuchi or a kalachuchi flower. This is an "adenium flower" as posted by Atty Sonia. Its other english name is "Bangkok Rose".

    Nice blog. Keep it up.

    - Jack -

  3. Thanks for the comments. I will change the corresponding scientific name of the above flower into Adenium obesum. It is also locally known as Bangkok Calachuchi. I pictured just recently a White colored Bangkok Kalachuchi, here's the link :Kalachuchi - White Bangkok

  4. hi Meschel...I must thank you for this blog because I now know the scientific name of this flower. I have 4 potted plants of this kind Kalachuchi in my garden. Keep featuring nice flowers of our country...

  5. You're most welcome mamanenesgarden. It's my pleasure to show the world what our country blessed with lovely & exotic flowers from our mother nature. Thanks for dropping by =)

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